Drywall Cleanup and Removal

Drywall Cleanup and Removal

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When we think of water damage to our property’s, we usually think of the things we can see, such as our floors, walls, furniture, and other visible belongings. However, water damage caused by flooding, severe storms, or even broken pipes, can also appear in places that we can’t see, like our drywall. Water damage to our drywalls can be hard to detect because it’s not behind the actual wall. Because of this, it’s essential that homeowners and business owners get drywall cleanup and removal anytime their property floods, there are water leaks or other water damages that are visible. If there is water damage to the walls of your home or business, please call ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston right away.

If there is already water damage to your wall, that’s a good indication that water can be damaging your drywall. Our water removal and the cleanup company has the necessary equipment and manpower to determine if there is water damage to the drywall, and perform the mandatory services to get it removed and cleaned up. Don’t wait until your home or business is infested with mold or mildew, call us at (832) 412-3919 to get professional drywall removal and drywall cleanup in Houston, TX.

The Process for Cleaning Out and Removing Drywall

In addition to mold growth due to water damaged drywall, water can also damage the drywall by causing your wall to crack or the drywall to become distorted. This is why it’s so important to contact the technicians at ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston at the first sign of water on your property. Removing and cleaning your drywall is fast and detailed, and only takes a matter of steps to achieve.

  • Assess the Damage: First, we will check your walls to see if there is any water damage, and from there we will use detection equipment that can determine if there is water behind the walls of your home or business.
  • Remove Drywall from Your Property: If the drywall is damaged beyond repair, we will remove it from your property. Our next step will be to use water extraction equipment to get rid of all the water that is in your home or business.
  • We Will Restore Your Drywall: If your drywall is damaged by the water, we will perform restoration services in order to get your drywall back in shape.
  • Get the Drywall Completely Dry: Using fans and dehumidifiers, we are able to remove extra water and moisture that is in your home or business’s drywall.
  • Work with Your Insurance: If there has been damage done to your home or business, we will help you with the insurance process.

If you are looking for comprehensive drywall removal and drywall cleanup in Houston, TX for your home or business, call us today!

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Calling ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston for drywall removal and drywall cleanup in Houston, TX means you will receive 24/7 assistance. We know how stressful it is to have your home or business damaged by water, so if you need water cleanup and removal service in the middle of the night or during a holiday, you can rely on our professional and licensed technicians to help you anytime. We are dedicated to offering quick, reliable, and effective services for every area of your property that has been damaged due to water from floods, storms, or leaks. Give us a call at (832) 412-3919 to get your Houston, TX property drywall removed and cleaned.