Stormwater and Rainwater Cleanup

Stormwater and Rainwater Cleanup

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Severe storms like hurricanes and tornadoes can do a lot of damages in a number of ways. From severe wind damage, flooding, and thunderstorms, so many dangers can present themselves during a hurricane or tornado. Because both have the ability to tear off your roof or other areas of your property, your home or business can become susceptible to rainwater and stormwater damage. This is because when your home or business is exposed, water can find its way into your property through cracks and damages left by a tornado and hurricane. This can prove to be very stressful, as water can cause stains, as well as mold growth. Fortunately, you aren’t alone in this situation, as ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston is here to help you.

At ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston we provide stormwater and rainwater cleanup in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. We are able to offer emergency, quick response to water damages caused by tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding. When this type of crisis happens, you need technicians with years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and attention to detail in order to clean every square inch of your property. When you work with our specialists, you will receive that and so much more. Let us help get your property back in great shape by calling us at (832) 412-3919 for stormwater and rainwater cleanup in Houston, TX.

How We Can Help You

Our rainwater and stormwater cleanup is very comprehensive, tackling every area in your home or business to ensure there are no more damages. Before we were cleaning, there are steps we take to ensure your property gets the needed attention that is deserved.

  • Assessment: We examine your home or business to see how severe the damage is and how much cleaning will be needed.
  • Water Removal: We use specialized water extraction equipment to remove water from the property.
  • Restoration: We do on-site restoration of furniture, antiques, artwork, upholstery, and other contents or send it to our facility for thorough restoration and storage.
  • Cleaning: We will sanitize and deodorize every area of your home or business as well as the contents. If your property needs extensive cleaning, we will clean and store contents at our facility.
  • Drying: After cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing, we will provide structural drying to remove excess moisture that can cause mold to grow.

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Professional Stormwater and Rainwater Cleanup Service

Water from storms that are left too long can cause a whole slew of problems including mold and wood rot. Your home and business are an investment and ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston wants to help homeowners and business owners protect their investment with stormwater and rainwater cleanup in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. Whether your home has been damaged by a hurricane or your business has water coming in due to tornado damage, with our fast response, equipment, and experience, we are able to offer emergency 24/7 storm damage cleanup service. Call our office at (832) 412-3919 whenever you need our help with your rain and stormwater cleanup.