House Board Up Service

House Board Up Service

ServiceMASTER Restore Is Able to Offer 24/7 Home Board Up Service.

When a natural disaster strikes, you can never tell the full extent of the damage until it is over. When the disaster subsides and you are left to check out the aftermath, you may be shocked at the amount of damage your property has sustained. Major disasters such as floods, storms, and fires can cause severe exterior and structural damage to a home or building, making it dangerously unstable. If your home or building experiences this type of damage, it is crucial to have it boarded up right away. ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston provides home board up service in Houston, TX to secure homes and buildings that have been heavily damaged. We will effectively cover up all openings on the side of the building and stabilize the structural core to prevent further damage or collapse.

It is possible for the disasters mentioned above to cause serious damage to the exterior of a home or building, leaving it open and vulnerable to rain, animals, and vandals. If a home or building experiences significant damage to its structural core, there is a high risk that the damage can get worse and become permanent. It is very important to address this type of damage right away because severe structural and exterior damage will only get worse and put the building at serious risk of collapsing. Our technicians at ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston can help prevent further damage to your home or building by boarding up openings and stabilizing the structural core. Our board up service will provide effective temporary support so that your building will remain standing until it can be properly repaired. Give our technicians a call today at (832) 412-3919, if your property has been damaged by fire and you want it boarded up or a severe storm is passing through and you want to keep your home or business safe.

We Offer Emergency Board Up Service

Emergency Board Up Service

Our Technicians Can Help You By Providing Emergency Board Up Service.

Sometimes there will be instances where you will need emergency home board up service due to structural damage or to prepare your property for a storm. At ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston we are able to do the following things in order to keep your property safe from harm.

  • Board up of openings in the building including holes in the siding and broken windows
  • Tarping over any openings in the roof
  • Temporary enclosures
  • Barricades are set up if necessary

Major structural or exterior damage can leave your home or building dangerously unstable and lead to further issues including collapse. It is very important to contact ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston immediately if your home or building has sustained this type of damage so we can effectively secure and stabilize the structure. We are available 24 hours a day at (832) 412-3919 to provide emergency home board up service in the Houston, TX area.

Our House Board Up Service

If you are interested in home board up service in Houston, TX for your home or business, please call our professional technicians today at (832) 412-3919. We are ready to help residents in the Houston area who want to protect their property. From securing the structure of your home or business to adding tarps to your home, we can successfully protect your home from fire damage, floods, and other storms.