Tile and Grout Cleaning

Whether you have water damage due to flooding, storms, or even fires, it’s important to get every area of your business or home cleaned and restored. While we think that our carpets get most of the water damage, homes and businesses that have tile should also be concerned. It might not seem like your tile and grout could develop water damage, but the reality is, water damage can happen to any surface on your property, even your tile floors, and grout. The grout that is used to fill in the tile is very porous, which means dirt and other debris can be absorbed in the grout. Water from floods, leaks, and other disasters can be dirty and filled with bacteria, so if you have tile flooring, there is a good chance water damage is present.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Will Clean and Remove Any Contaminants.

As a homeowner or business owner, your first instinct might be to do it yourself, but it’s going to take a lot more than mops and cleaners to remove this type of water damage. At ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston, we are here to help property owners by offering tile and grout cleaning in Houston, TX. By using equipment created to clean and extract bacteria, viruses, and dirt, we are able to remove these contaminants that are plaguing your tile and grout. Call us at (832) 412-3919 in order to set up an appointment right now for this type of content restoration service.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

  • Inspection: We will always start by inspecting every place in your home or business that has tile and grout.
  • Emulsifying Solution: Once we have inspected your tile and grout, we apply an emulsifying solution to your tile and grout. Using a brush, the solution will start to work by loosening any debris like dirt or bacteria from the tile and grout.
  • Water Pressure System: After we have let the solution set for awhile, we will use heated water pressure to draw out more dirt, bacteria, and contaminants.
  • Extract Debris: When all of the contaminants have been drawn out of the tile and grout, we use state-of-the-art vacuums to remove water, dirt, and bacteria.

What homeowners and business owners are left with is a cleaner and better-looking tile floor. Get your tile and grout cleaning in Houston, TX today by calling ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston.

Call for Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

At ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston our technicians are able to clean and remove any type of bacteria and contaminants from any kind of tile and grout. If you have tile as a backsplash in your bathroom or your hallway is tiled, we are the team of water cleanup and removal specialists to call. We can also work on any type of tile from limestone to ceramic in your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, and even countertops. Let our specialists take care of your tile and grout cleaning in Houston, TX today by calling us at (832) 412-3919. We are open 24/7, so we are able to clean and remove contaminants from your tile and grout whenever you need our help.