Furniture Restoration & Cleaning

After a severe storm that causes flooding or leaks, or you’ve experienced a fire in your home or business, it’s normal to want to throw out your furniture that has been soaked with water or has soot all over it. Water soaked or soot-covered furniture can turn into other damage, which is why many property owners are willing to throw out their furniture. But at ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston, we make it our mission to help business owners and homeowners keep their existing furniture by providing furniture cleaning and furniture restoration in Houston, TX.

Furniture Restoration and Cleaning

Call ServiceMASTER Restore for Professional Furniture Restoration and Cleaning.

Before you throw out your furniture, give us a call at (832) 412-3919. We are able to inspect your furniture and determine if it can be salvaged with restoration and cleaning service. Factors that we take into consideration are how long the furniture was wet, if the water was dirty or clean, how severe the fire was, and how old the piece of furniture is. From there we can make an assessment we can confirm if you qualify for furniture restoration and cleaning or if you need to throw out your furniture. Our content restoration services are thorough and dependable, so call our technicians if your furniture has been damaged due to lingering water or smoke on your property.

Furniture Cleaning

Before we perform furniture cleaning services, it’s important to know what kind of water has damaged your furniture. There are three categories of water, clean, grey, and black. Clean water is water that you are able to safely drink; grey water isn’t hazardous but you wouldn’t want to drink it; black water is sewage or flood water. Depending on what type of water is on your furniture will factor in if we can clean it. Furniture with clean water can be cleaned, furniture with grey water can have certain parts cleaned and other parts of the furniture thrown out, while furniture with black water should be immediately thrown out. In terms of fire and smoke, if your furniture is too burnt or the smoke smell is too strong, it might have to be thrown out. However, we like a challange and we will always try our hardest to clean your furniture.

Whether you have wood furniture or upholstered furniture, we can get it cleaned and then restored. Call us today for furniture cleaning and furniture restoration in Houston, TX.

Furniture Restoration

From couches to tables, the specialists at ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston can restore your furniture once the cleaning process has been completed. After we find out if your furniture has been damaged by clean, grey, or black water, or smoke we use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to clean water off the furniture. Once that step is completed we use extraction equipment to remove the water or smoke stains from your furniture. For good measure, we will clean it once more to ensure it is completely safe to have in your home or business.

We offer 24/7 assistance, so if your home or business is flooding due to a severe storm, your property is leaking due to other reasons, or you had a fire, you are able to get furniture cleaning and furniture restoration in Houston, TX 24 hours a day, seven days a week through ServiceMASTER Restore of Houston. Call (832) 412-3919 when you need your furniture cleaned and restored.